Create an activity variant

Create an activity variant for a document type variant.

The activity variant enables multiple resources to validate a document in stages with the visible fields considered valid for the activity but possibly invalid for the document. When creating activity variants, you must enable all fields to be validated at some stage, otherwise you could create a situation that does not permit the entire document to be marked valid.

  1. Navigate to Capture > Document / Activity variants.

    The Document / Activity variants page appears.

  2. Click New > New activity variant. Alternatively, expand the extraction group to locate the document variant. On the context menu of the document variant for which to create an activity variant, click New activity variant.

    The New activity variant dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter a Name for the activity variant.
    The list of fields including table fields and individual columns within the tables, available within the document type appears. Fields that have been ignored in the parent document type variant are also displayed.
  4. On the Document variant list, expand the extraction group and document type, and select the required document variant on which to create an activity variant.

    If you have already selected the document variant on which to create an activity variant, that document type is automatically displayed on the Document type list.

    The document fields available within the selected document type are displayed under Ignored fields.
  5. On the Ignore column, select the checkbox against the fields to ignore.

    The fields that are ignored in the parent document type are ignored (check box is selected) by default.

  6. On the Mask column, select the checkbox against the fields to mask.

    You can only mask the fields that are ignored.

    Note Masking loses effectiveness when users have the ability to change the document type. See Assign access permissions for capture actions.
  7. Click Save.
    The newly created activity variant appears under Show Activity Variants. The system creates a new version of the activity variant but does not update the version of the document type variant.

    • When you export a document type as part of a process or package, any variant configured for the document type is retained.
    • The Activity variant option is only available when you generate a Take Activity form for a Scan, Validation, Verification or a Document review activity.
    • When you apply a validation rule, all fields hidden at the document variant level are considered valid, and if you configure multi-field validation rule and some of the required fields are hidden, the multi-field rule is still executed.
    • When you design a variant, ensure that the required fields are visible for the multi-field validation rule to execute.
    • If the activity variant does not exist when the activity is taken, the document variant is applied.
    • To use an activity variant in a capture form, see Properties of a Capture composite control.