Build a Multiview form

A multiview form enables users to view different forms without navigating away from the primary form.

A multiview form works like a container that shows other related forms within it. A user can switch between the pages of a multiview form using a navigation menu. Switching between pages preserves the state of the page. When a user navigates back to a page using the menu item, the page appears exactly as the user left it.

Navigation controls what forms a user can see within the multiview form.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.
  2. On the Generate list, select Multiview form.

    The Generate multiview form dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter a Form name.
  4. Select the Navigation to use for the multiview form. You can use the navigation to navigate from one form to another.

    The navigation appears on your form at runtime.

  5. By default, the Category is the same category that the process belongs to. However, you can change the category of the form.
  6. Click Generate and save to save the generated form. Alternatively, to release the form, click Generate and release.

    Note When you open the generated form, in the form properties panel, the selected navigation appears under the Vertical menu list in the Header and Navigation Menus group. You can change the Multiview navigation menu from vertical to horizontal or vice versa.

  7. To see how the form appears at runtime:
    1. Open the form in the browser. The menu appears on the left.

      An extra node is added to the navigation menu that displays the base page.

    2. To view another page, select the page from the menu.

      The size of this viewer depends on the window size, navigation size and header size.

    • When creating the menu or submenu items in a navigation, ensure that you do not use the same form more than once as the form can only be loaded into the view once.

    • When you add more menu items to the navigation, for the navigation changes to reflect at runtime, make sure you clear the cache or press CTRL+F5 on the keyboard.

Edit a multiview form

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.

    The Forms page appears.

  2. On the list of forms, click the multiview form to open.

    The form opens in a new browser tab. The existing properties of the form are displayed in the properties panel.

  3. Under the Header and Navigation Menus group, by default, the navigation selected when building the multiview form appears under the Vertical menu list and the Use for multiview check box is selected. You can change the default header form, change the navigation menu from vertical to horizontal by selecting the corresponding Use for multiview check box, and associate a different navigation for the horizontal menu or the vertical menu.
    Note You must select the default or a specific navigation menu to use. This means, you cannot release the form if you set the Horizontal menu or Vertical menu to None.
  4. Make the other changes as needed.
  5. Save and release the form.