Build a Document form

A Document form is a customized view of a document. Using a Document form, you can generate Scan, Validation, Verification and Document review forms for a document type.

A document type can have more than one form. However, a document type can have only one of each form type. For example, a document type cannot have two Scan forms. You can generate a Document form for multiple document types at once.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.

    The Forms list page appears.

  2. On the Generate list, select Document forms.

    The Generate document forms dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the Document type list, select the document type for which to build a form.

    The selected document types are associated with the form at runtime.

  4. Select the Form types to generate and do the following:
    • Scan

    • Validation

    • Document review

    • Verification

    1. On selecting the form type, by default, the Form name is displayed as document type name suffixed with the respective form type. For example, if you select the form type as Scan and the selected document type name is Variant, the form name becomes Variant_Scan. However, you can change the form name as needed.
    2. The Category of the form defaults to the category of the document type. You can change the category the form should be associated with.
  5. Click Generate and save to save the generated form. Alternatively, to release the form, click Generate and release.
    The form is generated and associated with the selected document type. The generated form has the following format: <DocumentName>_<FormType>. For example, in the PersonalInfo_Scan form, PersonalInfo is the document type and Scan is the form type.
    • Preview of a Document form is not available as you can open a Document form only in a Scan control.

    • If the document type is locked by another user, the system displays a message and the forms are not created.

    • If the document type is locked by the current user, the system displays a warning. If the user proceeds, the forms are created and the properties of the document type are updated.

    • On regenerating the validation, verification, document review or scan forms, overwrite the existing associated document forms or create new ones. The regenerated forms have the associated document name.

Edit a Document form

Once a Document form is generated, you can open the form in the Design view. All the fields of the extraction group appear as corresponding controls. However at runtime, these fields appear on the Document tab. The fields do not appear on the form if the Display field for verification property is not selected in the extraction group.

You can modify a Document form in the Design view. For example:

  • Add and remove basic controls, such as text boxes and buttons.

  • Move the capture control fields on the form and configure field properties. You cannot delete the capture control fields. See Capture controls.

  • Change the document type properties on which the form is generated.

  • Add a mini-viewer to the capture control field.

Note You cannot copy, or create a Tablet or Phone version of a Document form.

  1. Open the Document form.

    The existing properties of the form are displayed in the properties panel. The Enable table auto-height property and Refresh interval setting is only available for Document forms.

  2. Make changes as needed.
  3. You can associate the form with another document type.
    1. On the Form modeling bar, click File > Associations.
    2. Under Update associated document form, on the Document list, select the extraction group to associate with the form.
    3. Click Update.

      The Document form is updated with the selected document.

    4. Click Close.