Configure the general properties of a process.


A name for the new process, such as Loan Request.


A description for the new process, such as “Process of requesting a loan from the bank.”


You can change an existing business process to a case or case fragment, but not vice versa.

  • To change the business process to a case, select Case definition. On changing a business process to a case, all the associated process variables are converted to case variables.

  • To change the business process to a case fragment, select Case fragment and under Associated Case, on the Case definition list, select a case map.

  • For a custom service, by default, the process type is displayed as Custom service. You cannot change the type.

Note All the settings configured on the current map are automatically applied to the new map.

A category to store the process map. By default, the process is stored in the working category of the resource.

Note Exporting a process map also exports the map category.
Support skins

If selected, allows to create different views of the process, typically for different products and customers.


The level of importance for the process. A job with priority level 1 indicates that the job is of the highest priority and level 100 indicates the lowest priority.

Work type

A custom task list used as the primary method of managing workflow in a business process. It is typically used by operational staff to display, manage, and execute their work tasks. See Work types.

Note To assign a work type to a process, you must have read access to work type and access to the category of the work type.


If selected, allows the process to be synchronous so that all nodes execute on one thread of execution. A synchronous map only has automatic activities, and does not have any manual activities. (Default: Clear)

  • For best practices on a synchronous map, refer to the Troubleshooting > Business process management > Processes section in the TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

  • The Synchronous property is not available for case and case fragment maps.

Case completion

This property only applies to a case map.

See Case completion.

Associated case

This property only applies to a case fragment map.

  • Case definition: A case process to associate with the case fragment.

    Note You can associate several business processes with the same case, provided you first change a business process to a case fragment.

    When a business process is associated with a case, the case milestones, case variables, and case roles become available to all associated processes.

  • Compatible all versions: If selected, makes a case fragment map compatible with all case versions.