Properties of a Process viewer control

Configure the properties of a Process viewer control under the following tabs:


Use this tab to configure the general properties of a process viewer control.

Property Description


The type of the control. (Read-only)


A unique name for the Process viewer control to make the control easier to identify during mapping.


Makes the control visible at runtime. (Default: Selected)

Session ID

A Session ID validates and identifies the currently logged-on user. Session ID can be a global variable, form variable, or form control.


Configure the process or job viewer.


Allows the process viewer to use either job or process.

  • Job: Displays the runtime view of the progress of a job.

  • Process: Displays the design of a process version outside of the standard design environment.

View ID

The job or process ID depending on the view selected.

  • The View ID can be updated at runtime via a same page event to refresh the control and display a different process/job.
  • A View ID need not be specified when set to job.


Optional. A version of the process map. The version can be a dynamic or static value; if left blank the latest released version appears.

Read only

If selected, only displays the progress of a job or design of a process, with key information, but does not allow you (logged-on user) to interact with the control and change properties.

Note You can only modify properties if the "Is read only" property is clear and you have appropriate permissions to make changes.


The layout of the control to be Horizontal or Vertical .

If you select None, at runtime, the map is displayed exactly the way it is defined at design time.


The zoom percentage for the control. (Default: 100%)