Add the TotalAgility Microsoft Visio Add-On to Microsoft Visio


  • Install a supported version of Microsoft Visio on the server.

  • Include the Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assemblies in installation.

The TotalAgility Microsoft Visio Add-On supports a number of Visio drawing categories. See Microsoft Visio drawings supported by TotalAgility.

Include the Add-On to Microsoft Visio

The TotalAgility Microsoft Visio Add-On is available on the Installation media to copy.

  1. In Visio backstage view, click File > Option.
  2. Select Advanced.
  3. Under General, click File Locations.

    The File Locations window appears.

  4. Next to Add-ons, click the Browse button.
  5. Navigate to the folder where the Agility.Server.Integration.Visio.AddOn.exe file is located and select that folder.
  6. Once you complete the set up, restart Microsoft Visio.
  7. Access TotalAgilityIntegrationVisioAddOn in Visio from the View > Add-ons menu.

Configure the Agility.Server.Integration.Visio.AddOn.exe.config file

  1. Get the Session ID from System Settings>Settings.
  2. Open the Agility.Server.Integration.Visio.AddOn.exe.config file available in the VisioAddOn folder.
  3. In the <appSettings> section replace the value of SystemSessionId with the value obtained from System Settings>Settings.
        <add key="SystemSessionId" value="<system session ID>"/>