Modeling bar

The modeling bar of process designer includes tabs that help in designing a process.


Use this tab to perform the following commands:

  • Info: Displays the basic information for the process:

    • Last modified by: The resource who last modified the map.

    • Last modified date: Date the process was last modified.

    • Status: Status of the process such as New, Saved or Released.

    • Version: The version of the current map. A saved map displays the minor version, such as 0.1 and a released map displays the major version, such as 1.0.

    • Creation date: Date the process was created.

    • Author: The resource who created the map.

    • Tags: The tags that are associated with a process which is saved or released. See Tag an item.

  • Associations: Provides visibility of where the process is being used in a current process or which processes are using the current process. See View Associations.

  • Export: Lets you export one or more process maps between TotalAgility installations. See Export a process.

  • Version history: Lets you view the version history of a process. You can also open a version of a process if you have the required access permissions.

  • Generate documentation: Creates a document for the process workflow.

  • Update resources: Lets you update all resource-related information without having to update the map version.

    For example, you might replace a resource currently allocated to an activity with a resource who has a higher skill level.

  • Save: Saves map changes and creates a minor version of the map, such as Get Customer Details v0.01. You can only start a job based on a saved process map, if you have a development license.

  • Release: Releases the map, and creates a major version of the map, such as Get Customer Details v1.0. You can only use a released map in production.

  • Close: Closes the map without saving it.

  • Close and unlock: Whenever an item is released, it is locked by default. Use this option to automatically unlock an item.


Use this tab to model a process, case or case fragment. See Design a basic process.

The Design section includes:

  • Action bar: Includes basic actions that help in designing a process. See Action toolbar.

  • Process properties panel: Includes different tabs for configuring the properties of the process or its selected element. See Process properties.


Use this tab to create variables for a process. See Variables.


Use this tab to create states. See States.


Use this tab to create milestones. See Milestones.


Use this tab to create roles. See Roles


Use this tab to create notes. See Notes.

Process events

Use this tab to create process events. See Process events.

Document set

Use this tab to create a document set. See Document set.