Configure an Activity action button control

The following options are available on an Activity action button control, depending on the state of the selected job or case.

If you choose not to display any item, the option is not available at runtime.

Option Description

Add note

Adds a note to the job associated with the activity.

Job notes include information such as a date or resource name. For example, add a note to indicate that the activity cannot progress to the next stage because the resource is on leave.

Change due date

Changes the target due date for the activity.

Change priority

Changes the priority of a job.

Complete activity

Marks an activity as complete.

Engage supervisor

Adds resource supervisor (if available) as a valid resource for the activity. If the logged-on user does not have a supervisor, a message appears.

Manage documents

Displays the document set for the job.


Changes resources assigned to the activity.

Take activity

Takes an activity.

View job

Shows a visual representation of the job in the Process viewer.