Dynamics CRM activity

Use the Dynamics CRM activity to create a new entity instance, retrieve the required information from an entity instance and update and delete an entity instance for a CRM business unit directly from TotalAgility.

You can assign valid GUID values for CRM lookup and numeric values for picklist fields in a Dynamics CRM activity.

You can assign a Dynamic Complex variable to support retrieval/assignment of values for Party list fields in the Dynamics CRM activity.

For example, an entity instance called Person consists of Name as a string field and Nationality as a picklist field with the following values.




1: Irish

2: American

When you create an entity instance by passing Name,1 and retrieve the entity instance details from Dynamics CRM, the following information is retrieved: Jack,Irish.

Note The Dynamics CRM activity is only available for TotalAgility on-premise; it not available for Designer running in On-premise multi-tenant and Azure environments.

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