KCM control

Use the KCM (Kofax Communication Manager) control to interactively generate documents in KCM through a Kofax TotalAgility form. To include any previously collected data, you should initialize the control with the data backbone variable from your process.

For example, you can add a manual activity to a process with data backbone variable as the input or retrieve the backbone variable using the GetJobVariable API in a standard form.

A KCM control has the following modes of operation:

  • Compose: Create a document based on the selected template from a document pack, document template or a template from a letterbook (the end user selects the template at runtime). See Compose mode.

  • Rerun: This mode displays the control in a rerun mode. You can modify the previous selections and the documents in the pack is updated on rerun. See Rerun mode.

  • Review: Displays the control in read-only mode to allow reviewing generated documents. Configure a KCM control in review and re-run modes. See Review mode.

Using the KCM control, you can distribute documents through the KCM server based on the distribution mechanism such as email or print.

  • You are allowed to add only one KCM control to a form.

  • KCM control is not supported on touch enhanced phone and tablet forms.

  • TotalAgility does not support SignDoc for the KCM control.

  • For KCM proxy installation, see the Kofax TotalAgility Installation guide.

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