Additional information on Device create new job form

This section describes the properties and events supported and not supported by the Device create new job form

If the Offline enabled property is selected, the device does not execute field validation events for the form. This property is specific to the Device create new job form.

Supported Not supported
Form properties

  • Header

  • Navigation (horizontal or vertical)

  • Refresh interval

  • Width

  • Background

  • Initialization variables

  • Associations

Form variables

The system automatically updates the following form variables:

  • DocumentTypeId (String)

  • FolderTypeId (String)

  • ClassifcationGroupId (String)

  • ProcessId (String)

  • JobId

Form controls Moving controls on the form. Adding new controls on the form.
Form events

  • Loaded: Invoked when the form is initially displayed on the device and can be used to pre-populate field data dynamically. There are no actions associated with this event by default.

  • Form validate: Invoked when the user attempts to submit the job and allows for a final validation pass to ensure that the form data is valid before creating the job. All of the field validation actions are associated with this event by default.

  • Scan create new job: Invoked after Form validate only if the Is valid property of all fields is true.

Form actions

  • .NET method

  • DB query

  • RESTful service

  • Web service

  • Business rule

Properties of text box and dropdown list controls

  • ID

  • Value

  • Display value

  • IsValid

  • ErrorMessage

  • Tooltip

  • ErrorMessage

  • Multiline

  • Font style

  • Position

  • Width

  • Associations (tab)

Events for text box and dropdown list controls


Extraction group All fields
Folder All fields Table field
Properties of fields which are automatically populated from the extraction group or folder type

  • Min value

  • Max value

  • Maximum length

  • Format

Event for document and folder fields Field validate: This event is invoked when the user changes the value of the field. By default the event is assigned the validation action related to the corresponding document or folder field.
Type of initialization variables

  • Checklist
  • Complex
  • Dynamic complex
  • Entity
  • Nullable date
  • Nullable string
  • XML
  • XML expression

Note The Case reference field and any process initialization variables have a single Field changed event. These controls do not have the Is valid or Error message properties, so they cannot be used directly to prevent submission of a job.