Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the visual representation of a threshold status or job state on a job list or work queue. Threshold statuses indicate if the job is within or has exceeded the set target duration.

TotalAgility supports a maximum of five statuses. Three statuses—Red, Amber and Green—are available by default. You can also include Black and Purple. See Process node colors.

Green is the first and the default status. If additional SLA thresholds are not set, the status of the job remains Green until the current time exceeds the expected duration, and then the status changes to the last status, or Red.

For an SLA Status indicator to work effectively, define the thresholds in a decreasing order. For example, the Amber threshold should always be more than the Red threshold.

You can define the time relative to the expected duration when the job status should change state, such as from Green to Amber or to Red.

You can configure the state to change before the expected duration is achieved or after the expected duration is met (Post). The default is pre-expected duration.

  1. Enter the SLA Threshold for the status in Days, Hours, Minutes and/or Seconds.
  2. To configure the state to change after meeting the expected duration, select the Post check box.
    Note By default, the state changes before reaching the expected duration.