The default web page that loads when you log on to TotalAgility after a clean installation.

The Home page includes the following elements.


Header bar

The header bar contains the following items.

Kofax logo

The Kofax logo. You can click this logo to come back to the Home page from anywhere in the application.

TotalAgility Designer

Application name

Logged-on user's name

Click the user name to display the following options:

A link to TotalAgility help. Alternatively, open the help using the Click here to learn more and get started with TotalAgility link available at the bottom of the Home page.


Navigation bar

A vertical list of links that appears on the left side of every interface window. The navigation bar includes menus and submenus to design, import and export, and manage items.


Quick links

Links to the following items for easy access.

  • Design a process: Design a process to automate logical flow of activities that must be completed. See Design a process.
  • Design a case: Design a case definition to support the overall case as well as fragments, all of which are effectively linked for collecting and sharing case specific information. See Create a case.
  • Design a business rule: Design a business rule to build complex business logic without programming to automate and optimize business decisions. See Create a business rule.

  • Design a form: Design a form to provide a user interface to support your application. See Design a form.
  • Design an extraction group: Design an extraction group to classify and extract data from documents. See Create an extraction group.

  • Design a folder: Design a folder to process a set of documents as a group and track data that applies to all documents. See Create a folder.


View recent items

Opens the Recent items page.


Don't show this page next time

If selected, you are directly taken to the Recent items page every time you navigate to the Home page and every time you subsequently log on. This information is automatically added to your profile. See Edit profile.