Modeling bar

The modeling bar of package designer includes tabs that help in creating a package.


This tab includes the following:

  • Info: Displays the basic information that include:

    • Last modified by: The resource who last modified the package.

    • Last modified date: Date the package was last modified.

    • Version: The version of the current package.

  • Save: Lets you save the package.

  • Export: Lets you export the package.

  • Close: Lets you close the package.


Use this tab to create a package.

Deployment configuration
Use this tab to define deployment configuration for a package by updating the base values of server variables, global variables, web service integrations, device settings (Kofax Front Office Server settings), transformation settings and export connector settings for a deployment target, such as production environment. See Add a deployment configuration to a package.
Export options
Use this tab to include or exclude the package export options.