Associate a work type with a map

You can associate a work type with a process map, a case map, or a case fragment map if you have read access to work types and access to the category in which a work type resides.

Associating a work type with a map creates process variables for each field in the work type. For a case map, all fields in the work type are available as case variables for the map.

Case fragments do not have their own work types; they inherit work types from the case. If you select the Scope for a work type field, the field becomes available as a case variable for all case fragments in an associated case. At runtime, these variables retain the values defined for each case fragment.

  1. Navigate to Workflow > Business processes.

    The processes list appears.

  2. Open the process or case map to associate with a work type.
  3. On the properties panel, click the General tab.
  4. On the Work type list, select the work type to associate with the process.
  5. Save and release the map.