Reporting server

The Capture data is stored in a Reporting database. You can define how thus data should be handled.

Reporting warehouse ETL agent

The time period within which the ETL agent handles the system task (extract/transform/load) and transforms data from staging to warehouse.

(Default: 0 Hrs 0 Minutes and 23 Hrs and 59 Minutes)

For on-premise multi-tenancy and Azure environments, the system tasks are created per tenant basis with ten minutes interval between the tasks for one tenant. Each task is handled separately and appropriate pair of staging/warehouse databases are processed with one pair per one system task.

Note You can narrow this transformation to nightly hours of the tenant to improve availability of Warehouse database for customers.

The Reporting warehouse ETL agent setting is configured once per TotalAgility installation for an on-premise environment, and per tenant for on-premise multi-tenancy and Azure environments.

Data retention period

The period for which the data associated with the fields and documents can be stored.

(Default for fields = 5 days, default for documents = 3650 days (Ten years))