Import a form

You can import forms between different TotalAgility installations.

  1. Navigate to Import.

    The Import page is displayed.

  2. Browse to the file that contains form to import or drag the file from your machine to the File to import box. The following message appears: The file you have selected contains a form.

    You can choose to include the following items:

    • Header form

    • Navigation

    • Global variables

      By default, global variables are automatically imported along with the form.

    • Business rules

    • Security tokens

    • Security roles

    • Security role members

    • Lookups

    • Entity definitions

    • Scan profiles

    Note When you import a form that uses a custom service, the custom service is automatically imported.

    If the version of the form being imported already exists, TotalAgility displays a warning and does not import the form.

  3. Click Import.