Package export options

Include or exclude the following export options:


Generalized export

If selected, a basic version of the process with minimal node configuration is exported.

Note When you export a package with Generalized Export option selected, a warning message is displayed. Click Yes to export a basic version of the process with minimal node configuration. If you click No, the option is cleared automatically

.Net references with path

By default, exports all the .NET References with path in the package.


If selected, the skins created on the template map are exported.


Capture project data

By default, exports the Transformation Designer project data associated with the process in the package. To exclude the underlying Transformation Designer project data from the package, clear the check box.

Connector mappings

If selected, exports the connector mappings exported along with the process in the package.


Global variables

By default, exports all the global variables in the package.

Security tokens

If selected, the security tokens and role members are automatically added to the package.

Security roles


Resource extensions

If selected, exports the extended values stored against each resource in the package. (Default: Clear)

Group members

If selected, exports the associated group members in the package for the selected group and the group associated with the process. (Default: Clear)

Note A package does not include the following items associated with resources: Category for all, External resources, Personas, Supervisor resource and members (worker resources and group resources) for Group resource, Supervisor, Persona, Working group, and associated groups for Worker resource. You cannot use security roles in a package.


Note types

If selected, exports the note types, hot keys, page renditions, node colors and reporting tags in the package. (Default : Clear)

Hot keys

Page renditions

Node colors

Reporting tags