Create a checklist variable

  1. In the New variable dialog box, enter a unique Name for the variable.
    By default, the name of the variable becomes the ID of the variable; however, you can change the ID if needed.
  2. On the Type list, select Checklist. (Default: String)
  3. Optional. To use the variable for process initialization, select Initialization.
    Note This option is not available for a business rule.
  4. On the Template list, select a checklist template.

    All existing checklist items associated with the selected checklist template (base template) are added to the checklist variable.

  5. In addition to the items available in a checklist template, you can add more items to a checklist variable.
    1. Click for Checklist items.

      The Add checklist items dialog box displays the list of available checklist items.

    2. Add the checklist items as required and click Done.

      You cannot add or remove checklist items from the base checklist template (the checklist template used in a checklist variable); you can only add items over and above the checklist template, and remove items added directly for the checklist variable.

  6. Use and to set the order of the checklist items on the list.

    You cannot change the order of the checklist items from the base checklist template.

  7. Click OK.
    Note Importing or exporting a process map also imports or exports the checklist items and categories associated with the checklist template.
  8. Click Save.