Manage a persona

Define persona and associate it with a landing page.

If a persona is associated with a resource, the corresponding landing page opens when the resource logs in to the system. You can also modify and delete a persona. You must have appropriate permissions to view, create and modify personas. See Access control list.

Create a persona

  1. Navigate to Resources > Personas.
  2. Click New.

    The New persona dialog box is displayed.

  3. Configure the properties of persona.


    A category for the new persona. (Default: User's working category)


    A name for the persona, such as Resource Manager. The name must be unique across all categories.


    Optional. A description for the persona.


    The target landing page relevant to persona. Select either option:

    • Form: Select a form and specify values for the parameters.

      Note Initialization parameters are only displayed if created for the form.

    • URL: Specify the URL to the target page and define the initialization variables.

      1. Enter a name for the initialization variable.

      2. In the Value field, provide a static value.

      3. Click Add.

      4. Add more initialization variables as needed.

  4. Click Save.

Modify a persona

If you only have read-only permissions, you can only view the properties of a persona, but cannot change them.

  1. Navigate to Resources > Personas.
  2. On the list of personas, click the persona to modify.

    The Edit persona dialog box is displayed.

  3. Make changes as needed.
  4. Save the persona.

Delete a persona

  1. Navigate to Resources > Personas.
  2. On the context menu of the persona to delete, click Delete.

    On confirmation, the selected persona is deleted.

    Note An unexpected behavior can occur if the persona is in use.