Add fields to a field group

A field group can contain multiple fields.

A child folder type inherits a field group with all fields including the properties from the parent folder type. However, the verification settings defined for a field group in a parent folder type are not inherited to the child folder type.

To report consistent values, especially for date fields, you must assign formatters to field data types. See Field formatters.

  1. Navigate to Capture > Folders.

    The Folders page appears.

  2. Open the folder.
  3. Expand the folder and select the field group for which to add fields and click Field on the Design bar.

    Alternatively, click adjacent to the field group.

    TotalAgility adds a new field, Field1 of type Text, to the field group. You can change the field type name by double clicking the field or when configuring the general properties of the field.

  4. Select the field. In the properties panel, configure the field properties.
  5. Add more fields as required.

    You can search for a specific field in the folder tree.

  6. To delete a field, click for the field to delete.

    On confirmation, the selected field is deleted.

  7. Save or release the folder.