Language selector control

Use the Language selector control to control the language in which to display the form.

At runtime, when the page with the Language selector control loads, the list is automatically populated with languages supported by the site, allowing you to manually select the display language to use.

To access the current browser language from within the site, you can manually create a Language global variable and use it in the Language selector control.

See Create a global variable.

The Language variable can be used in all actions such as Same Page, Begin and others. For example, you could create a form with a drop-down list from which a user can select their language, such as Spanish. You could then use the LANGUAGE variable to configure a Same page action on a button to display the calendar in Spanish.

See Properties of a Language selector.

Note A form can have only one Language selector control. If a form has multiple Language selector controls, unexpected behavior occurs and the selected language is not set at runtime.