Transfer activity

Use the Transfer activity to transfer documents or folders between two linked TotalAgility servers.

Creating a job on a process and executing the Transfer activity results in the following:

  • Moves the document or folder and associated metadata from the current server to the target server and places them at the root of the target server.

  • Deletes the document or folder and associated metadata from the source server.

  • Transfers all documents and subfolders to the target server if moving a folder.

  • Does not decrement the volume count on the target server.

  • Does not create the Extraction or Classification groups on the target server. You must import them manually.

When executing the Transfer activity, the transfer fails if:

  • The link to the target server was removed.

  • The user credentials supplied for the target server are incorrect.

  • The folder or document is locked by another user on current server.

If a job fails, restarting the job ignores all items that were moved before the job failed. It will only move the items that were not previously moved.

When importing or exporting a process that uses a Transfer activity, the name of the link between the servers is also exported or imported. If a link with the same name exists on the target server, the Transfer activity uses that link. Otherwise, the target server displays the message Unknown in the activity configuration, and the job is suspended.

See Configure a Transfer activity.