Manage columns in queries

Manage the display of the columns at runtime by selecting columns and arranging them.

  1. Navigate to Queries > Job queries or Work queue queries or System queries.

    The list of queries appear.

  2. Create a new query or open the query in which to manage columns.
  3. Click the Columns tab.

    By default, few columns are selected.

  4. Select the check box for the column names that should appear at runtime. To display all columns at runtime select the Show checkbox on the column header.

    Use on the column header to reorder the columns.

    At runtime, the columns are displayed in the specified order.

  5. On the Display as column list, select Bar or Circle for SLA (Activity and Job). (Default: Bar)
    When you run the query, the circle or bar appears under the SLA (Activity, Job) column.
    Note On upgrading TotalAgility to 7.7.0 or when you import an existing query, the bar option is displayed in the first column without any column heading.
  6. By default, the Width column displays default width for each column. To change the width for a column, do the following:
    1. Select the column name for which to change the width and click .

      Alternatively, double-click the column name to edit.

    2. For Width, increment or decrement the value.
    3. Click OK.
    The columns displayed and their width configured within the query are applied at runtime. However, you can also specify the width of the columns at runtime when you edit a query within the control.
  7. Click Save.