Create metadata

Metadata stores supplementary information against work type, job query, work queue control and others, similar to how file properties associated with an activity are stored.

The following example describes the procedure of creating metadata for a job query. Similarly, you can create metadata for work queue and system queries.

  1. Navigate to Queries > Job queries.

    The list of queries appear.

  2. Open the query.
  3. In the Metadata group, select a Work type.
  4. Select a Filter operator. (Default: AND)

    Available filter operators are: AND or OR.

  5. Click .
  6. Select a metadata Field, such as Name.
  7. Select an Operator, such as Equals.

    Available operators include:

    • Equals

    • Greater than

    • Greater than equal to

    • Less than

    • Less than equal to

    • Not equal to

    • In

    • Like

    • Not like

  8. Enter a Value, such as John.

    You can use the Like and Not like operators in your search criteria, and use wildcard to search on case references and metadata of type String.

    TotalAgility supports the following wildcard functions.


    Matches any single character. For example, Bl?ck finds Black or Block.


    Matches any one or more characters. For example, "North*" finds "North", "Northeast", and "Northwest".

    And "(*)" finds any content enclosed by parentheses.


    Used as an escape character to include a literal question mark, asterisk, or tilde. For example:

    To find "West*" use "West~*"

    To find "West?" use "West~?"

    To find "West~" use "West~~"

    To find "West~?" use "West~~?"

    Note For a Date field type, the default value is @Today, where Today refers to the start of the day. You can also provide a value to be a certain number of days from today in the following format:

    @Today +/- NUM. For example, <@Today + 10>, <@Today - 7>

  9. Click Add.