Access control list

In TotalAgility, you can manage access permissions to grant privileges and restrict resource access to TotalAgility Designer, Transformation Designer, different areas of TotalAgility, capture actions and devices.

You can assign permission to one or more resources to permit or restrict access to the following:

  • By default, the Administrators group has full control access to Settings and Job clear down, Device Users group has full control access to Devices, and the Designers group has full control access to the following areas: Designer, Process, Business rule, Work type, Resource, Persona, Capture design and Lock status search.

  • If you deny permission to any group a user belongs to, the user is denied access to that permission. This is true even if the user is given the permission in a different group. For example, if you have full access from one group that you are a member of, and read-only access from another, then you can only read, not write.

For best practices on access permissions, see Access permissions in Kofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.