Manage navigations

You can modify, copy and delete a navigation.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Navigations.
  2. To display the navigations within a specific category, select the category on the Category list.

    Alternatively, to display a specific navigation, enter the name of the navigation in the Search field and click .

  3. To modify a navigation:
    1. On the list of navigations, click the navigation to modify.
      The Edit navigation menu dialog box is displayed.
    2. Make changes as needed.
    3. Save the navigation.
  4. To copy a navigation:
    1. On the context menu of the navigation to copy, click Copy.
      The New navigation menu dialog box displays the copy of the navigation prefixed with CopyOf_<navigationname>1.
    2. Make changes, such as rename the navigation and change the category.
    3. Save the navigation.
  5. On the context menu of the navigation to delete, click Delete.
    On confirmation, the selected navigation is deleted.