Configure a Validation activity

  1. Add an activity to the map.

    By default, the Configuration tab is open in the properties panel of the activity.

  2. Change the default Name of the activity to something meaningful.
  3. On the Type list, select Capture > Validation.
  4. Configure the following settings.

    Input document/folder

    Document or Folder variable that serves as an input for the Validation activity.

    • When creating this activity, you can provide only one document or folder variable as an input to the activity. See Create a document variable and Create a folder variable.

    • On the Inputs/outputs tab, you can provide any number of additional input and output variables of any type, except Document or Folder variables. However, you can add fields from a Document or Folder variable. See Configure the input and output variables for an activity.

    • The output parameter will only be set on completing an activity; on canceling the activity, the output parameter is lost.

    Allow validation to complete with invalid fields

    By default, the validation of documents with invalid fields is not completed and an error is thrown at runtime.

    If selected, allows the validation of a document with invalid fields to complete at runtime. However, you can reject the document that has invalid fields and complete the activity.

    Validation operator settings


    Allow operator to classify documents: Allows scan operator to classify documents. By default, the classification group is inherited from the process. To select a classification group specific to this activity and not inherit from process, do the following:

    1. Clear Inherit classification group from process.

    2. On the Classification group list, select a classification group.

    Note If you do not select a particular classification group for the activity or inherit one from the process, or if you select to inherit the classification group from the process and have not associated a classification group at the process level, the system displays the following message, You can save the process but cannot release it until the configuration is complete.

    Page rendition

    By default, the page renditions are inherited from the system and the renditions for the activity become unavailable. To display a different image as default page rendition, do the following:

    1. Clear Inherit settings from system.

    2. On the Default displaying image list, select a different image to display as default image.

    Imported documents

    By default, the activity inherits the settings from process for the imported documents . To specify settings specific to this activity and not inherit from process, clear Inherit settings from process. The following two settings are available.

    • Merge / Split / Delete: If selected, enables merging or splitting document and deleting pages.
    • Rotate / Reorder: If selected, enables rotating images and reordering pages.
    Note To keep the original copy of the documents that are imported but not scanned, keep these options clear.

    MFP ready

    Enables the activity to be MFP (Multi-Function Peripheral) ready. Available options:

    • No (Default): The activity cannot be completed on an MFP device.
    • MFP friendly: Enables the activity to be completed on an MFP device and desktop.
    • MFP only: Enables the activity to be completed only on an MFP device.
    • MFP only - no password required: Enables the MFP operators to take the activity on the MFP without specifying the password. This setting is available for HP, MFP Emulator, and Lexmark eSF devices.

  5. Save the process map.
    At runtime, when you take the Validation activity, the generated Validation form appears.
  6. Configure other properties for this activity. See Activity properties.