Work with SharePoint web parts

After a connection is established between Microsoft SharePoint and TotalAgility, you can deploy TotalAgility web parts across the SharePoint site. If a new theme is applied for the SharePoint site, the new styles are automatically applied for all the TotalAgility web parts as well.

The following TotalAgility web parts are available in SharePoint:

  • Login

  • Create new job

  • Work queue

  • Job list

  • Job note

  • Job properties

  • Complete activity

When you log in to the SharePoint site, you are automatically logged on to TotalAgility as well and can automatically access all TotalAgility functionality on SharePoint. For example, you can create a new job on a map, view a work queue, define columns on a work queue to display at runtime, take and complete activities from SharePoint. You can also view details of any files associated with an activity.

Note The logged in user must have access to both SharePoint and TotalAgility.

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