Create a milestone

Create a milestone using a static or dynamic target duration, or target duration relative to another milestone.

You can also create triggers and alerts for a milestone. See Create a milestone trigger and Create an alert.

  1. Open a process, such as Hiring Business Process.
  2. On the Modeling bar, click Milestones.
    The New milestone dialog box is displayed.
  3. Enter a Name for the new milestone, such as Employee Hire Date.
  4. On the Associated state list, select a state that will display the status of job on achieving the milestone.
  5. To assign an expected duration value for the milestone, configure one of the following options.

    Option Description

    The target duration in number of days, hours, minutes and/or seconds, or relative to when a job is created. For example, set the Interviews Complete milestone to be reached 24 days after the Hiring job starts.


    Use a date variable to contain the duration value at runtime.

    Important If the milestone is based on a variable, you can use the TotalAgility Workspace to change the milestone dates at runtime. If you change the milestone variable value, the milestone will NOT be updated automatically. Use APIs to update the milestone.


    The target duration relative to another milestone. At runtime, if a milestone is updated, all milestones relative to it are also updated.

    For example, make the Training Materials Completed milestone date relative to the Deliver Training Course milestone date. If you reschedule the Training Course, all the linked milestones dates are rescheduled automatically.

    To set the milestone relative to another milestone, do the following:

    1. On the Milestone list, select a milestone.
    2. To set the Offset for the target due date of the new milestone in relation to an existing milestone, specify days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds. You can set the offset to be before or after the existing milestone. For example,
      • To set the milestone to reach after three days later than the due date of the selected milestone, selectAfter for Offset and enter 3 in the Days box.

      • To set the milestone to reach before three days earlier than the due date of the selected milestone, select Before, and enter 3 in the Days box.

      Note If the offset value is 0, the milestone will be achieved when the relative milestone is achieved.

    To specify whether the target due date of a milestone be updated on completion of the relative milestone, select Update target date when relative milestone met.

  6. Click Add.

    Once a milestone is created, you can use this milestone to calculate the target due date of an activity. See activity properties > Time and cost.