Composite activity

Use the automatic Composite activity to perform one or more capture actions as a single activity in a process.

Using the Composite activity instead of corresponding standalone activities improves the performance of a process in the Transformation Server.

Note Use standalone activities only in a non-linear process map, or if you need other activities inside a chain of the composed steps.

The Composite activity is automatically executed at runtime if the Transformation Server is installed in your system. See TotalAgility Installation Guide.

Add the following actions as a single activity within a Composite activity:

You can:

  • Add actions in any order.
  • Include the same action multiple times.
  • Use only a Folder or Document type variable as an input to activity. All actions process the same folder or document.
    Note You cannot add the Classification action if you use the Document type variable as input to the activity.
  • Apply page renditions to the Image processing action. Page renditions do not apply to extraction and classification activities within the Composite activity.

A Composite capture activity also supports the partial completion property. See Partial completion.

See Configure a Composite activity.