Provide Access control for a query

You can provide permissions to groups or individual resources to run, view, edit or delete a query.

Note The current user has full control by default.

  1. Navigate to Queries > Job queries/Work queue queries/System queries.

    The list of queries appears.

  2. Create a new query or open the query for which you want to provide access control.
  3. Click the Access control tab.
  4. Click .
  5. On the Name list, select the group or individual resources to whom you want to provide access.
  6. On the Type list, select the permission type you want to provide for the resource:
    • Run: Allows to use the query and view the query.

    • Edit: Allows to use, edit and delete the query.

    • Full control: Allows to use, edit, and delete the query, and provide or change the access permissions.

    Note When you upgrade Kofax TotalAgility from a previous version, the query owner, the resources assigned to the query and the selected resources have full control.
  7. Click Add and save the query.