Use navigation to define how users navigate a site, to go from one form to another.

You can add multilevel navigation capabilities to your site. The navigation menu acts as a roadmap with clearly marked destinations and suggested routes that direct you from one form to another.

You can add customizable vertical and horizontal navigation bars to your site and allow or deny access to menu items.

Note A vertical navigation bar can only be positioned at the left side of forms.

The navigation menu is defined at the global level; once applied to a site, it is available for all forms within that site. See Create a site.

When you change a navigation item, such as a top level menu option or menu title, the changes are automatically applied across all forms using the defined navigation layout.

You can specify whether to include horizontal and vertical navigation menus on individual forms, as some forms, such as logon forms and pop-up windows do not require them. See the General properties of form.

The style for a menu depends on the menu style configured in theme. See Create a theme

For best practices on using menus, refer to the Solution building > Building forms > Design guidelines section in the TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

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