Create a work type

Define work types that can be used in your processes.

See Work types.

  1. Navigate to System data > Work types.

    The Work types page appears.

  2. Click New.

    The New work type dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter a unique Name for the work type, such as HousingBenefitFormDetails.

    The name cannot be more than 40 characters.

  4. Select the Category to associate with the work type.
  5. Optional. Enter additional information for the work type in the Metadata field.

    Metadata stores supplementary information against the extended work type, similar to how file properties associated with an activity are stored. The metadata cannot be more than 255 characters.

  6. Add at least one field to the work type. To add fields do the following:
    1. Click for Fields.

      The New field dialog box is displayed.

    2. Enter a Display name for the field, such as Customer Name.

      By default, the name of the field becomes the ID of the field in capital letters; however, you can change the ID as needed.

    3. Enter a unique ID for the field.

      • The ID cannot be more than 30 characters.

      • Although you can use numbers in the field ID, you must start the ID with an alphabet.

    4. Select the field Type, such as Byte. (Default: String)
    5. Select, enter or configure a Value.
    6. Select Scope to make a work type field available as a variable for all case fragments in an associated case. (Default: Clear)

      At runtime, the variable holds the value defined for each case fragment.

    7. Click OK.

      The field is added to the Fields table. You can modify or delete a field. TotalAgility automatically displays the position of the field.

    8. Add more fields as needed. You can add up to 30 fields.
      Note These fields appear in the order in which they were last saved. You can cannot change the position of the fields.
  7. Click Save.

View associated maps for work types

A work type may be used by a number of maps. Changing a work type for one process map might impact other process maps. You can view a list of all maps associated with a work type to assess the impact of changing the work type.

  1. Navigate to System data > Work types.

    The list of work types appears.

  2. Open the work type for which to view associations.
  3. Click the Associations tab.

    All maps associated with the selected work type are listed under Associated processes.

  4. To view all versions of a process map associated with the work type, select a map from the list.

    The details of the associated map versions appear under Process version.