Dynamics CRM

Integration of TotalAgility with CRM helps end users to efficiently manage CRM activities, such as creating, retrieving and updating various business unit entities.

TotalAgility provides comprehensive out-of-the-box integration to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can configure TotalAgility to respond to events that occur within Dynamics CRM.

Note Dynamics CRM is only available for TotalAgility on-premise; it not available for Designer running in On-premise multi-tenant and Azure environments.

To connect to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and access one or more business units, provide the following information in TotalAgility:

  • A name for the CRM System, such as Sales.

  • The TotalAgility Web Service location (the server location) where the CRM is available, such as <>.

  • The name and unique CRM ID of the business unit.

  • The CRM version to use (Pre 2011 to use CRM versions 3 and 4, or Post 2011 to use the version 5).

  • User credentials to log into CRM.

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