Configure Microsoft Outlook settings for TotalAgility

Define the location where TotalAgility tasks are stored, so that Outlook can retrieve the tasks for you to access.

  1. On the Outlook menu, click ADD-INS > TotalAgility> Configuration.

    The Configuration window opens.

  2. In the TotalAgility Location box, enter the URL in the following format: http://<KTAServer>/TotalAgility.
    • Use http or https as needed.

    • The <KTAServer> can be a server name, Fully Qualified Domain name or IP address.

    • If the TotalAgility Web service is hosted on the default port number, you can only specify the IP address or the host name of the TotalAgility server.

  3. To use Windows authentication to log on to TotalAgility, select Use Windows authentication.
  4. Click OK.