System processes

A number of fully customizable system processes are installed with TotalAgility on-premise to support features in the product.

Note On upgrading TotalAgility, you must manually import the SYSTEM maps.

SYSTEM Active Directory Synchronization

Use this map to synchronize the Active Directory (AD) resources with TotalAgility. This map synchronizes organizational units and their associated groups and users within the Active Directory; it does not synchronize any containers, objects, or users outside of an organizational unit.

  • TotalAgility Active Directory synchronization is passive. It cannot add, update or delete anything in Active Directory. As an added security measure it obfuscates the Object ID from Active Directory to store it as a Resource ID in TotalAgility (HEX conversion). You cannot locate the same resource in Active Directory even from the Resource ID from TotalAgility.

  • TotalAgility Integration server does not support Active Directory Synchronization system process.

See System Active Directory synchronization.

SYSTEM Check for Completed Delegations

Use this map to remove redundant work delegation rules after their end date has passed.

System map - Check for completed delegation

A scheduled job is run on this map each night at one minute past midnight to check for and delete redundant delegations.

SYSTEM Passcode Notification

When multi-factor authentication is enabled use the SYSTEM Passcode Notification map to send passcode to user for authentication when they log in to TotalAgility for the first time

System Map Passcode Notification

The email node within this map is configured to send email with descriptive text and a randomly generated passcode to the user.

SYSTEM Perform Auto Work Allocation

Use this map to allocate AwaitingAllocation activities for the current day to appropriate resources with AutoWorkAllocation debits.

System map - Auto Work Allocation

System Process Email Activity

Use this map to process email notifications when activities are pending.

System map - Email activity

The server variable SYSTEM_EMAIL_FROM is imported into the system with this map. Update the default value with the email address of the user who sends the email notifications in your organization.

Use the email node to specify whether to send an email to all usable resources when an activity becomes pending. Define the structure of the email including the subject, content, and a URL for an ASP page that takes and completes the pending activity.

Note Ensure that you generate this ASP page. Place this ASP page in the following folder C:\Inetpub\wwwroot.

SYSTEM Reset Password

Use this map to send an email to the user email address to reset password.

System map - Reset password

SYSTEM Reset Quantity Counts

Use this map to reset all checking and sampling counts to zero.

System map - Reset Quantity Counts