Add fields to a field group

Add fields and define validation rules for a field in a document type.

For best practices on naming convention, sequence, and adding and removing fields, refer to the Extraction and Classification Group design > Fields section in TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

  1. Navigate to Capture > Extraction groups.

    The Extraction groups page appears.

  2. Open the extraction group and select the field group.
  3. Do either of the following to add a field to the field group:
    • Click Field on the Design bar. Alternatively, click adjacent to the field group.

      TotalAgility adds a new field, FIELD1 of type Text, to the field group. You can change the field type name by double clicking the field or when configuring the general properties of the field.

    • On the Field list on the Design bar, select a field type. Available field types are: Text, Boolean, Choice, Table, Date and Number.

      The selected field type is added to the field group.

  4. Select the field. In the properties panel, configure the field properties.
  5. Add more fields as required.

    You can search for a specific field in the extraction group tree.

  6. To delete a field, click for the field to delete.

    On confirmation, the selected field is deleted.

  7. Click Save.

System defined properties of a document type field

A document type field contains some system-defined properties which are only visible when consuming a document type field in a process or activity; they are not visible when maintaining document types.

Property/Attribute Name



Determines if the field is valid.

Error Description

Error description of the runtime document field validation.

Review Forced Valid

Determines if the field is manually set valid (forced valid.)

Note An invalid field can be manually set valid during document review.


Determines if the field is verified.


Holds the value for the confidence threshold of a field.

Review Forced Valid Description

Reason for forcing the field valid.

Extraction Confident

Validates the extraction confidence for a document field.

Note If the Required manual field confirmation property of a document field is enabled, then Extraction Confident and IsValid properties are set to False.

TotalAgility ignores ExtractionConfidence when validating fields for a Scan create new job form or a form based on Scan activity because ExtractionConfidence is False for all fields in a newly scanned document.

Field Alternatives

Alternative field values based on extraction results.

Additional information for an extraction group field

When renaming or deleting an extraction group field, note the following:

  • If you rename a field and regenerate the form, the field name remains the same.

  • If you rename a field, change the field type and regenerate the form, a new field is created with the selected type and associated capture actions. If a normal form action is using this field, a message appears to inform that the renamed field is being used in certain actions and renaming the field and changing type will clear the mappings. You must reconfigure those actions to work as expected.

  • If you delete a field and regenerate the form, the field and the capture actions associated with the field are deleted.

  • If you try to delete a field which a normal form action is using, a message appears to inform that the field is being used in certain actions and deleting the field will clear the mappings. You must reconfigure those actions to work as expected.

For best practices on adding fields to a field group, see Sequence and field groups and "Adding and removing document fields" in Kofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.