Reactivate license on backup

You can reactivate the license on your backup server if it is about to expire.

You cannot activate or reactivate a license for TotalAgility running in an on-premise multi-tenant environment.

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > License servers and statistics > Reactivate license on backup.

    The License activation dialog box automatically displays the following:

    • Serial number

    • Product code

    • Machine ID

    Note You can reactivate a backup license server only if you have already configured it. Otherwise, an error appears when you click Reactivate license on backup. See Configure the License server
  2. Select either option for Activation:
    • Automatic (Default): Reactivates the license automatically.

    • Manual: Enter the Activation code.

  3. Click Reactivate.

    Restart the Kofax TotalAgility services for the settings to take effect.