Design a process map on the Integration Server

When you launch the Integration server, only the following items are available in the menu:

  • Landing page (Quick links and recent items are not available)

  • Workflow (where you can create business processes, cases, business rules and skins)

  • Integration

  1. Design an asynchronous process. See Design a basic process map.
  2. Configure nodes as needed. See Activity types.

    On the Integration Server, TotalAgility lets you add the following nodes to an asynchronous process:

    Activity type




    Web service

    Data access






    SignDoc (not available within a business rule)

    KCM compose (not available within a business rule)

    KCM distribute (not available within a business rule)

    KCM pack(not available within a business rule)


    SharePoint create site

    SharePoint create folder

    SharePoint add item

    SharePoint delete item

    SharePoint uploader

    SharePoint move item

    SharePoint get document

    Dynamics CRM

    Dynamics AX

    Dynamics AX search

    Exchange Server get attachments


    CMIS get document

    CMIS add document

    CMIS update document

    CMIS create folder

    CMIS check in document

    CMIS cancel checkout document

    CMIS find document

    Micro Focus

    Content Manager Create folder

    Content Manager Add document

    Content Manager Get document


    Script (not supported in on-premise multi-tenancy environment.)



  3. Additionally, the following properties on the Execution tab of an activity are by default selected and set as read-only.

    • The Thread pool property is set to Integration server thread pool.

    • The Run on integration server property specifies whether to execute the activity remotely.

    • When you open a business process/case/skin/business rule created within the main server, the activities configured on the Integration server appear read-only.

    • When you create a job on a process that contains any of the previously listed nodes, the nodes are executed using the on-premise integration settings.