Configure a label for a control

Some controls such as text box, dropdown list and radio button list have a label displayed for them by default. You can select to hide the label so that the label is not displayed at runtime (On the General tab of the control, clear Show label.)

  1. In the properties panel of the control, click the Label tab.
  2. By default, Show label is selected, which means the label is displayed for the field at design time and runtime.
  3. Change the default properties, as needed.

    Text A meaningful text, such as Customer Name.
    Width Width of the label. (Default: 100)
    Position Position of the label to be left or top of the control. (Default: Left)

    Available options are:

    • Theme: The default theme.

      Themes are defined globally, outside of forms and sites, and are then associated with a site. Forms are rendered as part of a site. The theme associated with the site determines the style for the controls.

    • Inline: The font, font size, alignment and other options.

      Inline style settings override the default theme.

    • Class: The name of the CSS class. This class is applied to the control only when it is available in the style sheet that is associated with the theme. If the class does not exist in the style sheet, then the control uses the default style.

  4. Save the form.