Convert Microsoft Visio drawing to TotalAgility XML file

Use the Microsoft Visio-to-TotalAgility conversion wizard to convert a Microsoft Visio drawing, such as a flowchart, to an importable TotalAgility XML file.

If you name a Microsoft Visio shape, the conversion assigns the same name to the corresponding activity after converting the Visio flowchart to a TotalAgility map. Otherwise, the default name, such as Activity 1 appears for the activity.

  1. From the Start menu, select All Programs > Microsoft> Microsoft Office and click Microsoft Office Visio.
  2. Select Tools > Add-Ons > TotalAgility.

    The Microsoft Visio to TotalAgility Conversion Wizard starts and the first wizard window appears. The window displays a welcome message and a brief description about the purpose of the TotalAgility VisioAddOn.

  3. Click Next and select either option.

    Convert Currently Opened Drawing

    To convert an active drawing to a TotalAgility XML file, do the following:

    1. Name: The name of the currently opened drawing file.

      Note To select a different drawing, click Back.

    2. Drawing Type: The type of drawing.

    Convert Previously Saved Drawing

    To convert a previously saved Microsoft Visio drawing to a TotalAgility importable XML file, do the following:

    1. Click Browse to locate the drawing file to convert.

    2. Select the Visio drawing file, such as LoanMap.vsd.

    3. Click Open. The file name appears in the Choose the File to Convert box.

    4. Click Next.

    5. Enter a Name and Drawing Type.

  4. Click Finish.
  5. When the confirmation message appears, select either option:
    • To save the file to the default location, click Yes.

    • To save the file to a different location, click No. In the Save As window:

      1. Enter a name for the converted TotalAgility XML file.

      2. Select the location where you want to save the converted XML file.

      3. Click Save. The progress bar displays the conversion progress.

  6. Click OK when prompted to confirm the conversion.

    The wizard displays a summary of the conversion process.

    Note If the conversion fails, a message appears. Click OK to close the message.
  7. To view information about the conversion or possible errors, click Details .
    A log that contains the details of the conversion appears in the Summary box.
  8. For importing a converted TotalAgility XML file into TotalAgility, you must configure endpoint.
    1. Click Endpoint Configuration.
    2. Replace http://localhost/TotalAgility/Services/Sdk/ProcessService.svc with http://localhost/Agility.Server.Web/Services/SDK/ProcessService.svc.
  9. To import the converted TotalAgility XML file into TotalAgility, click Import.
  10. At the import confirmation message, click OK.
  11. Click Close to close the conversion wizard.

    Note If a previously converted Microsoft Visio drawing is reconverted to a TotalAgility XML file, the new XML file is saved in TotalAgility as a duplicate process map with the same name and version.

    To avoid duplicating process maps, delete the original process map from TotalAgility before reconverting the Microsoft Visio drawing.