Export Credential Management Window

Use the Export Credential Management window to update the login credentials used by export connectors. For example, if the login credentials change for a content management system, you can update the affected export connectors once from a central location, without having to edit them individually.

The first time you import a batch class from another Kofax Capture installation, the Export Credential Management window appears automatically.

You can also access the window any time from the Administration module:

  • To access export connector login credentials for all batch classes, select Tools > Export Credentials.

  • To access export connector login credentials for a selected batch class: On the Definitions tree view panel, right-click a batch class name and select Export Credentials.

When you update the export credentials, they go into effect the next time the batch class is used.

Connector Type

Lists the export connector type, such as Database, Text, etc. You cannot edit this column.

User Name

Lists the user name for the selected connector type. To update the user name, click in the column and type the revised name.

This column includes the name of each user who has access to the export connector.

Password / Confirm Password

Lists the masked password associated with the user name. To update the password, click in the Password column and type the new password; then click in the Confirm Password column and retype the password.