Create a role

  1. Select the process map for which to create a role.
  2. On the Process Modeler, select Roles.
  3. Click New.
    The New Role dialog box is displayed.
  4. Enter a Name for the role, such as CaseWorker.
  5. On the Type list, select the type of role:
    • Fixed: Any changes to the role apply to all existing and new jobs on any version of that process.

    • Floating: Any changes to role members apply only to new jobs.

  6. Enter an Email Address for the new role.
  7. On the Supervisor list, select the required resource you want to assign as a supervisor to the role.
  8. Click Add next to Members to assign resources to a role.
    The Add dialog box is displayed.
  9. Select the required resources, and click Done, and then click Add.

    The individuals are associated with a job role.

    Note You can only use individuals as role members; you cannot use groups or other roles. An individual can belong to more than one role.