Email server (SMTP)

You can configure email settings for the system to allow the email activity in a process to work at runtime. The email can only be sent if the configured details are appropriate.

For compatibility with previous versions of TotalAgility, a server variable called SPP_SMTP_SERVER is available in the System Category. This variable holds the name of the SMTP server. If a value is provided in this variable and no email settings have been defined within the System Settings then the SMTP server name in the variable is used when sending an email. If the email system settings are defined, then those details take preference.

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > System > Email server (SMTP).

    The Email server (SMTP) dialog box is displayed.

  2. Enter the SMTP Host URL for the exchange server.
  3. To log in, do either of the following:
    • Select Use Windows authentication to log in with system credentials. (Default: Clear)

    • Enter the Username and Password to login with specific user credentials.

  4. Enter the Port number for the exchange server.
  5. Select Use SSL to communicate using SSL certificate. (Default: Clear)
  6. Click Save.