Create an activity trigger

Create an activity trigger to execute when the time period relative to the activity due date has passed and as soon as the activity becomes pending or is taken.

See Activity triggers.

You can also create an alert to appear on the work queue of the resource to notify them of any impending escalations. See Create an alert.

  1. Select the activity for which you need to create a trigger.
  2. Click the Time and cost tab on the Activity properties panel.
  3. Under Triggers, click for Process.
  4. On the Process list, select a process.
  5. Enter the target duration in number of days, hours, minutes and/or seconds when the trigger should execute.

    • If no target duration is set (value=0), the trigger will execute when the activity due date is met.
    • To fire the trigger before the target duration, select Before and to fire the trigger after the target duration, select After.

  6. Click Add.
    The activity trigger is created.