Process associations

A process map, variable, or a milestone may be used within a process or by a number of process maps.

For example, in a map, a variable may be used as an initialization parameter or as a dynamic expected finish time for a job. In an activity, it may be used as a dynamic resource variable or as an output parameter. Similarly, in a map, a milestone may be used in expected duration or as a relative milestone, and in an activity in the target due date or as a milestone to reach when an activity becomes available or completed. If you change or update any of these items for one process map, it may impact several others.

View an association to find out:

  • Variables being used in a map or an activity.

  • Processes being used in a current process.

  • Processes that use the current process.

  • Milestones being used in a map or an activity.

Associations provide visibility across the entire process map, helping you to manage and maintain your process maps more efficiently.

You can only view associations for a saved or released map.