Configuration of a Workload control

Configure the Workload control to suit your requirement.

Display list as

The style of the workload list. Available options are:

  • Paging: Use this style if your list contains hundreds of records across many pages.
  • Scrolling: Use this style if your list contains more than one page, but not hundreds of records.

Show column names

Displays the column names at runtime. (Default: Selected)

Header label

Display text for the header label of the workload.


The actions to apply on the Workload control at runtime. To make the actions available on the Actions column at runtime, and get access to details of the underlying job, ensure that the following actions are selected.

Allow add note

Displays the "Add note" option at runtime, which allows you to add a note to the job associated with the activity.

Allow view job

Displays the "View job" option at runtime, which allows you to view a visual representation of the progress of the job.

Allow view properties

Redirects the user to the job properties page.

Workload columns

By default, few columns are selected.

You can update the name and width for a column:

  1. Click Configure.

  2. On the Workload columns dialog box, select the column and click .

  3. Make changes as needed, and click OK.

  4. Click Save.

If you translate a form that has a Workload control, the column text is translated.