Set and update document field properties

You can access API methods through custom code and set document field properties upon document creation in TotalAgility, or on existing documents.

The properties that can be updated include:

  • DateValue

  • DoubleValue

  • ErrorDescription

  • ExtractionConfident

  • ForcedValid

  • PageIndex

  • Valid

  • Value

  • Verified

  • Height

  • Width

  • Top

  • Left

  • Confidence

  • ValidatedText

  • StringTag

  • Tag

  • SuppressTraining

  • TrainingNeeded

  • UseForStatistics

  • Preserve

This is specifically useful when you import documents from a Third party system where classification and extraction were already performed. Since no classification or extraction will be performed in TotalAgility in this case, you can use the API method to populate the various field properties.

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