Search properties

Define the search criteria for a workload control to search for the required system queries and allow editing a query.

The queries panel displayed at runtime is based on the selected query at design time.

Allow query selection

Use this option to hide or display the Queries panel at runtime. (Default: Selected; this means the Queries panel is available at runtime.)

If you clear this option, the Queries panel is not available at runtime. The default system query defined at design time is only available to search for the required activities. You cannot define a custom search for this query.

Allow query edit

This option is only available if the Allow query selection option is selected. Use this option to allow or restrict editing queries at runtime. (Default: Selected)

If you clear this option, you can only view queries but cannot create, modify or delete a query.

Specify the Query type to view at runtime.

  • All: Allows you to view both private and shared queries.

  • Private: Allows you to view only private queries.

  • Shared: Allows you to view only shared queries.